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March 9, 2011

So I am a terrible blogger and totally forgot about this place.  My bad.

Here is my last couple of months in a breif summary:

January 20-30

I got tired of losing and gaining the same pounds over and over and over again so I started to do some research as to what the hell I was doing wrong, and you know what I figured out??? I was doing EVERYTHING wrong.  Yes EVERYTHING, well ok maybe not everything but a lot of things.  I figured this out by my wonderful friends on FS and their journals.    So on the 26th of January I changed everything I was doing.  I went and bought the book “The Carb Lovers Diet”.  I do not believe in diets or books like this but I really liked some of the recipies in the book and figured it was a really great place to start learning how to cook. 

So the morning of the 26th was judgment day I stepped on the scale it said “207” and I was devistated, I was back well above what I was at Christmas and then I gave the new recipes a try. I religiously counted my calories and I was between 1200 -1400 calories a day and was happy.
Total weightloss for January: +3

February 1-28

I stepped on the scale Feb 2  I was down 2 pounds! woohoo, granted it was mostly water weight but W/e I will take it no matter where it comes from. Continued doing what I was doing the previous week, enjoyed what I was doing so I rolled with it, granted I wasn’t working out but I wanted to get a grip on this cooking thing first lol.

So Feb 9  I step on the scale and I am down 0.4, ok not such a great loss BUT it was still a loss and they all add up! This week I changed it up, I started eating a bit more, and making different foods and I stopped counting caloreis ~gasp~.

Feb 17 I stepped on the scale again I was down another 0.6 pounds.  I was eating  roughly 1600 calories  calories a day, and I started to add exercise to my daily routine. Monday, Wed, Fri are lighter days as I usually only do my walking at the school, but tues and Thurs I hit the pool for lane Swimming has been a great stress relief and I have been sleeping 100x better.

The last weigh in for this month proved another loss, I continued to swim and eat about 1600 calories a day  and never started actually tracking my food again.

Total loss for February: 2 pounds

March 1- 9:

Continued doing what I have been doing since Feb.  I swim every Tuesday and Thursday and am currently trying to hit 24 lengths of the 25 meter pool in under 10 minutes ( I used to do it in under 8) ,  I have brought my time down from 24 lengths in 45 minutes to 24 lengths in 18 minutes and 23 seconds.  I  continue swimming at a slower pace after I complete the 24 and am able to do between 44 and 50 lengths in 45 minutes now.

I have not counted a single stinkin calorie since Saturdy  February 12th, and I feel great about this.   I burn roughly 2400 calories a day (sometimes more, sometimes less depends on the day) and I am eating about 1600 calories a day (give or take depending on the day an how hungry I am).  I have started to listen to my body and I feed it when it asks to be fed, and not when I think it should be fed. 

Total loss so far in March:2 pounds

Total loss since January 26: 11 pounds.

Current weight: 199lbs

I am now eating more whole grains, and healthy carbs.  I have learned I like cooking and I have also learned that I like a VERY large variety of food that I never even knew existed before January 26th of this year.
I am the smalles I have been in pretty much a year and I feel great!

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